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Managing construction of the jewel of 2010

The flagship of the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup will be Johannesburg’s Soccer City, a R2,6-billion project whose design and construction is managed by Phumaf.

When completed in September 2009, the stadium will accommodate 94 000 spectators, making it the largest stadium in Africa and one of the most modern soccer arenas in the world.

The extent of the project is mind-boggling;

The 8-million bricks, if laid end to end, would cover the 1400 kilometre distance from Johannesburg to Cape Town and then nearly half-way back again.

The 192 500 square metres of concrete formwork, if laid flat, equates to a city the size of Bloemfontein.

If the 15 000 tons of structural and reinforcing steel being used in the project were put on one end of a giant balancing scale, to even it out would require the weight of 187 500 people, each weighing 80 kilos.

The 8 971 kilometres of electrical installation would easily cover the distance, Johannesburg to Cairo.

The award of the Soccer City project management contract to Phumaf followed the successful completion in January 2007 of the South African Football Association headquarters complex on a site adjoining the stadium.




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