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Engineering solutions that touch people’s lives

With roots dating back to 1994 and formerly known as Phumelela Africa, Phumaf is a South African professional engineering organisation that specialises in civil engineering and project management.

Having 70% of its shares held by previously disadvantaged individuals, the company is totally cognisant of the crucial need for effective service delivery. It sees the challenge facing South Africa as not so much a matter of funding, but rather a chronic shortage of skills, expertise and experience.

"Having 70% of its shares held by previously disadvantaged.."

The delivery of engineering services has two things in common. The first is an immediate improvement in people’s lives.


The second is that delivery requires the existence of engineers.

Hence Phumaf sees itself as not merely consulting engineers, but rather the provider of engineering solutions that touch people’s lives.

The company has two core focuses. The first embraces the full spectrum of professional disciplines in the field of municipal service delivery.

The second spans project management where the main job in hand is managing the construction of the flagship of the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup, the R2,2-billion Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg.

Project Management

Managing construction of the jewel of 2010

"The flagship of the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup will be Johannesburg’s Soccer City, a R2,2-billion project whose construction is managed by Phumaf..."



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